Tips on How to Boost Frozen Yogurt Sales During the Winter

Is the Weather Getting Colder In Your Neck of the Woods?

Not all areas of the world experience drastic seasonal weather changes, but there’s no denying that there are distinct differences between spring, summer, fall, and winter when it comes to frozen yogurt sales. Summer is traditionally the busiest time of year for shops selling cold treats such as frozen yogurt and ice cream. Not surprisingly, winter is usually the slowest. But this year there is no reason your shop has to experience slower frozen yogurt sales when the weather gets cold.

Here are some ideas and tips on how to boost business in your frozen yogurt store as we start to experience cooler weather and head into the holiday season:

Offer hot treats: Many frozen yogurt stores offer high-end and/or gourmet hot chocolate drinks during the colder months. If you set up a hot drink bar and make the beverages decadent, delicious, and appealing, your store will draw customers who crave a special treat but are not necessarily interested in something frozen on a cold day. You might also consider adding a topping selection for your hot chocolate offerings – such as specialty marshmallows, syrups, sprinkles, and different types of whipped cream.

Cookies, Cake, and other Warm Baked Goodies: Nothing’s better than warm, fresh, baked goodies on a cold day. A new trend during the cold months is for frozen yogurt shops is to offer warm cookies, cake, or other baked treats with dollop of frozen yogurt on top! Those customers who prefer to forego cold frozen yogurt with their treat should have the option, but customers who can’t resist adding a bit of FroYo to their warm cookies should have the ability to add the flavor(s) they enjoy the most!

Add Holiday Flavors to your Frozen Yogurt Flavor Selection: There is nothing more popular than pumpkin and traditional Thanksgiving spice flavors during the month of November and peppermint and egg nog flavors during December. These as well as other traditional flavors sell very well during the holiday season. In fact, customers have been known to drive through sleet and snow just to get a cup of their favorite holiday frozen yogurt flavor!

Offer Your Store as a Donation Station: When the holiday season rolls around each year, many people get into the giving spirit. They often want to donate gifts and other items to organizations that distribute such goods to people in need. It’s easy to partner with local and national non-profits that want to place their collection bins in retail and/or food stores. If you let your community know you are running a promotion – – such as 2 or 3 free ounces of frozen yogurt in exchange for their donation – – you are sure to drum up lots of business. Not only will your store see increased sales, but you will also be participating in something that directly benefits your community.

Have any other ideas on how to get people into frozen yogurt shops during the cold winter months? We’d like to hear from you! Our goal is to create scenarios in which customers cannot resist visiting their favorite frozen yogurt stores year-round… not just during the hottest months of the year. In other words, let’s work together to sustain the excellent sales momentum that frozen yogurt stores around the globe typically experience each the summer.

Send us your ideas in the comments section!

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