The Importance of Great Customer Service for Your Frozen Yogurt Business

You might have the best frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream the world has ever tasted. And you might be making your yogurt or soft serve ice cream in a top-notch frozen yogurt or soft serve machine that is distributed by Forte Supply. Your shop might  be decorated more attractively than those of your competitors, and your store’s location might be the most desirable in town. But at the end of the day, none of this matters if the customer service your shop employees display is not extraordinary.

We’ve all heard about the extreme importance of customer service and how it plays an essential role in the success of any type of business. According to the above referenced article, “Customer service should reflect the “brand” of an organization; not just the products it sells or the services it delivers, but their overall attitudes and values.” This is especially applicable to the frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream industry. Businesses that specialize in serving dessert to the general public – – something that is meant to be fun, enjoyable, and sociable – – must relate to their customers on a personal level. And customers must absolutely have a great and uplifting experience at any frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop if franchise owners ever expect them to return for future visits.

If you are the owner of a frozen yogurt franchise or a restaurant that serves soft serve ice cream, it’s important that every employee working in your shop does their best to make customers’ experience positive. They must make your customers so happy that they’ll want to return at least once a week!

Here’s How:

Say Hello! When customers walk in the door, make sure your workers say hello in a friendly voice. Eye contact and a friendly smile are even better!

Make sure your employees are not in the back room when customers are present. Customers like to feel as if they’re important! When  workers in a frozen yogurt shop are not visible, it makes customers feel as though they are being ignored.

Hand out samples of new frozen yogurt flavors, and be ready to make recommendations on the flavors being offered in your frozen yogurt shop. Most customers enjoy trying new things and they usually appreciate free samples.

Make sure your frozen yogurt franchise or soft serve ice cream shop is kept clean and tidy. This includes the rest rooms! Customers value clean tables and floors. A shop that appears dirty because tables haven’t been wiped since the morning hours can leave a bad impression and can make customers feel as though the shop’s owners don’t care about cleanliness.

Get to know your customers. Learn their names and get to know what flavors and toppings they enjoy. When customers walk into a frozen yogurt shop and feel as if they know the person behind the counter, it fosters great personal relationships that are meaningful.

Is the customer always right? Maybe. But even if the customer is not always right, the customer is always important. Without customers, no business would be able to stay afloat. But remember that good customer service goes beyond simply being open for business. It involves being friendly, inviting, being willing to answer questions, and being ready to go above and beyond the call of duty for the people who are paying for your products.

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