National Frozen Yogurt Day 2014

National Frozen Yogurt Day is this week – officially on February 6 – and we are excited to spread the word about this important holiday! Even though National Frozen Yogurt day is geared towards FroYo shops in the United States, countries around the world are also honoring frozen yogurt as part of the celebration. Why? It’s simple! Because the world has literally fallen in love with frozen yogurt and all it has to offer.

Frozen yogurt stores are located in just about every worldwide city. It may or may not surprise  you to learn that there are even local frozen yogurt shops in small countries and territories with fewer than half a million residents (such as Iceland, Bermuda and Grenada).

According to research conducted by the International Frozen Yogurt Association, the following   countries have the greatest number of frozen yogurt shops, listed in order from the highest number to the lowest number:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Greece
  4. Brazil
  5. Italy
  6. Malaysia
  7. Spain
  8. Philippines
  9. Mexico
  10. Australia

Given the extreme popularity of frozen yogurt, it’s no wonder  a day has been named in its honor!

Who Invented National Frozen Yogurt Day?
First, let’s take a look at how food holidays are established. According to, “The President of the United States has the authority to declare a commemorative event or day by proclamation…. and, petitions are introduced by constituents, trade associations or public relations firms to honor industries, events, professions, hobbies, etc.”

In some cases, a company or an organization will declare a specific day, week, or month as a holiday meant to celebrate their industry or product. With regard to National Frozen Yogurt Day, most references indicate that February 6th is the official day, but other days mentioned have been February 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th each year. But besides the festivities in February, in 1993 the yogurt chain TCBY proposed the following: 1) that the first week of June should be named National Frozen Yogurt Week, 2) the entire month of June should be declared National Frozen Yogurt Month, and3)  the first Sunday of June should be called National Frozen Yogurt Day because it’s a “Sundae.”

We should mention that there is no evidence that National Frozen Yogurt Day was created by Congressional legislation or by presidential proclamation.

For a full list of national food holidays, click here, and find out which holidays occur in the United States as well as worldwide every day of the year!

For those who live in cold climates, it might seem that February may not be an optimal month to celebrate International Frozen Yogurt Day. But in our opinion, every day of the year is appropriate for a big cup of celebratory FroYo!

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