Is the Ice Cream Man Now the “Frozen Yogurt Man?”

No matter how young or old you are, there’s a good chance you vividly remember the tune that an ice cream truck plays. Can you recall those hot summer days when you heard the sound of an ice cream truck in the distance? You’d hear it, get excited, and run inside your house and beg your mother or father for a dollar. Then you’d wait and wait for the ice cream truck to drive down your street.

Sometimes the truck did not make it to your block, and you and the rest of the kids who gathered with their money would be devastated! But when the truck did make it to you, the treat you purchased tasted really great. On those occasions, you felt very happy that you were lucky enough to purchase something from the ice cream man!

Fast Forward to 2014…
Nowadays, the frequency of ice cream trucks’ driving through neighborhoods has definitely declined. In fact, many of today’s kids have never experienced the thrill of hearing an ice cream truck’s tune in the distance or the pleasure of purchasing a cold treat from the ice cream man! But we are hoping to help change this trend, thanks to the resurgence of food trucks and the popularity of frozen yogurt.

Can a Frozen Yogurt Truck Replace the Old Fashioned Ice Cream Man?
According to the website, “Food trucks, or mobile venues that sell food, are a staple in America’s culinary landscape and have become increasingly trendy in recent years. Nearly three million food trucks troll our streets.” Also, “If you have got the culinary skills and business acumen, consider starting your own food truck business to take advantage of this growing phenomenon.”

An article published on the website entitled, “Froyo on-the-go: West Michigan frozen yogurt shops branch out with mobile operation,” refers to two frozen yogurt shops that recently opened mobile frozen yogurt operations. According to the article, “The mobile units augment a mini boom in self-serve frozen yogurt shops around the area.”

A mobile frozen yogurt business is a great choice if you are thinking of breaking into the food truck business. First, frozen yogurt does require preparation, but it does not involve actual cooking. Second, frozen yogurt trucks are obviously mobile, so they can be re-positioned and moved depending on the time of year, a specific event, or the current weather. Or, they can be driven around neighborhoods in search of children hungry for a yummy treat!

If you are considering a venture into the increasingly popular food truck business and want to explore your mobile frozen yogurt options, contact us today. We will provide you with all the guidance you will need to get started.

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