How to Select a Great FroYo Employee Who Will Master Your Soft Serve Machines

A lot more goes into opening and operating a successful frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop than simply purchasing soft serve ice cream machines, loading them with frozen yogurt or soft serve mix, and opening your doors to customers.

In reality, there is considerable effort that must go into selecting the location for the shop, deciding about the interior design of the establishment, and determining how and where you will promote your business through marketing and advertising. But just as important as all of the preparations that must be completed prior to your shop opening for business is figuring out exactly who will work at your store.

As a new froyo or soft serve shop owner, you want your new venture to be successful. And it’s practically impossible to be successful if you have the wrong employees working there. By “wrong,” we mean individuals who are not friendly, not reliable, not responsible, and not willing to learn how to operate and handle your soft serve machines.

How to Select a Great FroYo Shop Employee:

Frozen yogurt is inherently fun. Soft serve ice cream is a treat. When people travel to your store, they are almost always happy and in a good mood because they are excited about the prospect of eating something frozen and delicious. Eating soft serve is a social experience. The last thing you want to have are employees who come across as unfriendly and intimidating.

Frozen yogurt machines and soft serve machines must be filled and cleaned. What good is a soft serve machine if it’s empty or in need of sanitary maintenance? The employees you hire must be responsible for keeping your soft serve machines stocked and ready to dispense at all times. Additionally, as a food establishment, your obligation to keep up with required cleanliness standards must be upheld – and this necessitates the assistance of your responsible employees.

Employees must handle money. If you can’t trust your cash register to your employees, who can you trust to take care of your  store’s cash flow with a high level of honesty? Besides being responsible for displaying a positive attitude and an aptitude for keeping your soft serve machines functioning properly and efficiently, your employees must be able to handle your cash dependably.

You simply can’t do everything on your own. Some froyo or soft serve shop owners go into business believing they will have the fortitude and physical stamina to run things on their own – without ever needing outside help. While this is a great notion, it’s not always possible. It’s safe to assume that all shop owners will need help at one point or another. When you hire passionate, skilled, and enthusiastic employees, you will feel comfortable leaving your shop under their care when you are unable to be there. Making it clear to your employees that there is a potential for growth within your company (e.g. the possibility of a promotion into a managerial position) is a great incentive for them to continuously work hard and exceed your expectations.


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