Fun Facts About Frozen Yogurt!

Fun Facts About Frozen Yogurt

The thought of eating frozen yogurt is a fun concept in and of itself. But did you realize there are lots of fun facts that you probably don’t know about this delicious and tasty treat? So, the next time you eat frozen yogurt, keep these tidbits of information in mind… and feel free to share your new-found knowledge about frozen yogurt with your friends and family!

1. Frozen yogurt is alive and it contains bacteria. Don’t worry… it’s supposed to be alive and contain bacteria. The bacteria that exist within frozen yogurt are helpful and considered “good bacteria.” These bacteria are not harmful in any way and they cannot cause you to get sick. In fact, the bacteria in frozen yogurt do just the opposite. It has been shown that frozen yogurt bacteria  help keep people’s digestive systems healthy and regular and also help boost the body’s immune system so it can fight off infections. The “active cultures” that exist in frozen yogurt are good for you. So, eating a cup of frozen yogurt each day can be a great “medicine” that will help keep you healthy!

2. Not only are the  bacteria that exist in frozen yogurt good for your digestive system, but also they are  known to help  improve bad breath. So if you feel like you need a breath refresher, or if you’re looking for a place to take a first-time date, you might consider stopping at your favorite frozen yogurt shop for a quick cup of FroYo! You’ll leave feeling as though you’ve just cleaned your mouth!

3. Yogurt has been around forever. Well, maybe not FOREVER, but for thousands of years. Of course, yogurt has not been available in frozen form for that long because in ancient times, frozen yogurt machines and the electricity required to run them were not yet invented. But since the advent of frozen yogurt machines, the machines’ capabilities and ease-of-use have made it possible for frozen yogurt to become just as widely available in modern times as the regular, non-frozen variety.

4. Frozen yogurt contains lots of vitamins, minerals and other healthy attributes. Some that you might recognize are: protein, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and riboflavin. And it’s also a known fact that people who are lactose-intolerant have an easier time digesting frozen yogurt than they do many other types of dairy products including whole milk and ice-cream.

5. Because frozen yogurt contains calcium, it can help reduce a person’s chances of developing osteoporosis. Of course, you’ll have to eat quite a bit of FroYo  to completely eliminate the prospect of developing osteoporosis. However, you can rest assured that frozen yogurt consumption can’t hurt your fight against this bone-thinning disease!

There are dozens of additional fun facts about frozen yogurt not mentioned in this article. Want to learn more? We’ll publish another “Fun Facts About Frozen Yogurt Article” sometime in the near future. In the meantime, go ahead and enjoy another bowl of your favorite flavor of FroYo!

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