Customer Testimonial: Yogo Waffle in Beacon, NY

Knowing that we make a difference in our customers lives, is so rewarding!

Here is the wonderful letter we received:

Gerald (Honey Hill) and Ben (Forte Supply),

I’m writing you both to share my experience with both your products. My wife Venus and I opened a new Frozen Yogurt store 2 weeks ago “Yogo Waffle” in Beacon NY and it’s been a great start considering a late season start.

When I started doing research on what kind of yogurt I should use, the first popular name I knew of was Yo Cream but while researching affordable machines, I found Forte. Forte has an article I was reading where they mention Honey Hill being one of the best, I then turned to look at that yogurt company and was pleased with the whole concept and company background.

When I contacted HH requesting a place where I can try their yogurt, they send me to a place in NYC where I tried it and was pleased, so I went with HH and signed an exclusive. Now here’s the part that I’m amazed in…… After I opened and tried the product from our machines, I was pleased again but it seemed to taste better than when I tried it in NYC, I thought it was just me. As customers tried the product and complemented me on how good it was, I was happy but where I was most impressed was when well experienced froyo customers which have tasted every major company around and saying to me that they cannot believe how good this yogurt is, I started to scratch my head.

I am having people telling me that they are coming here over any other frozen yogurt place, THAT is a major compliment. They are coming from miles away because they heard how good it is, these people have frozen yogurt places near them but they choose to come here. I asked my self, I know I got a good product but they sell HH elsewhere, could it be that the machines are new? Could it be that I care for the machines? I think that maybe the combination of the product in this machine might be the reason but I don’t know, I’m not an expert on this stuff and that’s why I wanted to share this with both of you.

If your ever in the area and want to stop by and try it, please let me know, maybe you will taste the difference.

I thank you both and we’re so lucky we picked both your products to start our new business.

Thanks again!
Alex Bernardi

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