Benefits of Adding a Soft Serve Machine to Your Buffet-Style Restaurant

Have you ever been to an “all you can eat” or buffet-style restaurant that offers self-serve soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt? Or, do you own or operate this type of eating establishment? Every time I visit this type of restaurant, I am amazed at the long line of people at the soft serve machine. And it’s not just kids waiting in line for their chance to dispense their own soft serve ice cream. It’s people of all ages. It entertains me to watch them because I can always sense the enjoyment they get out of trying to create the perfect swirl of soft serve into their cone, their dish, or on top of a brownie they selected from the other dessert choices.

Let’s face it. People love soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt. And when this dessert is offered as part of an “all you can eat” meal, customers can’t get enough of it! I’ve personally witnessed restaurant patrons in “all you can eat” settings go back for two or more servings of soft serve ice cream. I believe that the inclusion of a soft serve machine in this type of setting is enjoyable for restaurant patrons, but it also makes the eating experience a lot of  fun. And when a restaurant runs out of cones or the machine becomes empty, people end up very disappointed.

If you own or operate a buffet-style restaurant and do not offer soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt, now is the time to seriously consider adding one or more soft serve machines. The popularity of self-serve soft serve has never been greater than it is today. And people will likely choose your restaurant over others if they know yours offers this type of dessert.

Anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry for a significant period of time knows how important dessert is to customers. Soft serve machines add a huge benefit to buffet-style restaurants because they are reasonably priced to either purchase or lease. Also, the ingredients necessary to produce soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt are economical. The cost to produce a serving of soft serve for every customer that comes through the door is minimal when compared to the cost of elaborate baked goods. And the truth is that customers often prefer soft serve to baked goods because it is usually lower in fat and calories.

There are many soft serve machine choices for buffet-style restaurants. These include countertop models, free-standing models, and everything in between. In other words, there is a soft serve machine that will fit into just about any space or situation. The addition of a soft serve machine allows buffet restaurants to offer an always popular dessert option.  Also, the flavors of the soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt can be changed easily and frequently. With a soft serve machine, you simply cannot go wrong!

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  1. We are glad we found your blog and totally agree! There are many benefits to offering soft serve to restaurant patrons. We recently published a blog on this topic. We investigated the benefits to families eating together and bonding over a restaurant meal. Why not elongate the meal with a yummy frozen dessert, maximize your profits and increase your chances for returning customers!

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