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Forte Supply has a mission to be the leading provider of frozen yogurt machinery and ice cream equipment. In addition to having an unparalleled commitment to offering the best possible products and customer service to our customers, we are also determined to help small business owners succeed and thrive in the frozen dessert industry. We are all about people. The individuals who operate Forte Supply make our company unique. Our company has an open and friendly culture – similar to the cultures associated with most small or start-up businesses. We’ve been in business a long time. We are veterans in the industry. Our expertise and knowledge allows us to provide you, our customers, with the guidance that will help your business flourish.

We are different from other soft serve frozen yogurt machine suppliers. Our company was built to provide a cost effective option to overpriced frozen yogurt equipment and ice cream machines. When you work with Forte Supply, the process is simple. We exist to help clients successfully build their businesses. We call this our “Forte.” When we work with clients, we provide them with the same recommendations, guidance, and advice that we’d use for ourselves – as if it were our own frozen yogurt or ice cream store operation.

We don’t see our customers as clients — we consider them partners! Forte Supply strives for excellence in everything. We take great pride in the success of our partners, which is why we only supply the most innovative and high-quality equipment at the most cost-efficient prices. Our products are affordable, reliable and certified. Couple all these facts with our outstanding level of customer service – and there you have it: Forte Supply!


Jeff Resnick

Phone: (720) 328-1020 EXT. 404

David Resnick

Phone: (720) 328-1020


Charles Brass

Phone: (720) 328-1020 EXT. 402


Chad Marano
VP Parts and Service

Phone: (720) 328-1431 Ext. 403


Ben Blakeslee
Business Development Director

Phone: (720) 484-5189 EXT. 405


Gary Pieper
Business Development Director

Phone: (720) 484-5366 EXT. 406


Rachel Simpson
International & New Account Development

Phone: (720) 328-1020 Ext. 401


Kevin Resnick
Service Manager

Phone: (720) 328-1431 EXT. 405


Lauren Slayter

Phone: (720) 328-1020 Ext. 406


James Yelvington
Service Support

Phone: (720) 328-1431 EXT. 402


Crystal Herrera
Executive Assistant

Phone: (720) 328-1431 EXT. 409


Mardin Pleitez
Sales Representative - Canada and Latin America

Phone: 514-709-5890




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