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How to Select a Great FroYo Employee Who Will Master Your Soft Serve Machines

A lot more goes into opening and operating a successful frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop than simply purchasing soft serve ice cream machines, loading them with frozen yogurt or soft serve mix, and opening your doors to customers.

In reality, there is considerable effort that must go into selecting the location for the shop, deciding about the interior design of the establishment, and determining how and where you will promote your business through marketing and advertising. But just as important as all of the preparations that must be completed prior to your shop opening for business is figuring out exactly who will work at your store.

As a new froyo or soft serve shop owner, you want your new venture to be successful. And it’s practically impossible to be successful if you have the wrong employees working there. By “wrong,” we mean individuals who are not friendly, not reliable, not responsible, and not willing to learn how to operate and handle your soft serve machines.

How to Select a Great FroYo Shop Employee:

Frozen yogurt is inherently fun. Soft serve ice cream is a treat. When people travel to your store, they are almost always happy and in a good mood because they are excited about the prospect of eating something frozen and delicious. Eating soft serve is a social experience. The last thing you want to have are employees who come across as unfriendly and intimidating.

Frozen yogurt machines and soft serve machines must be filled and cleaned. What good is a soft serve machine if it’s empty or in need of sanitary maintenance? The employees you hire must be responsible for keeping your soft serve machines stocked and ready to dispense at all times. Additionally, as a food establishment, your obligation to keep up with required cleanliness standards must be upheld – and this necessitates the assistance of your responsible employees.

Employees must handle money. If you can’t trust your cash register to your employees, who can you trust to take care of your  store’s cash flow with a high level of honesty? Besides being responsible for displaying a positive attitude and an aptitude for keeping your soft serve machines functioning properly and efficiently, your employees must be able to handle your cash dependably.

You simply can’t do everything on your own. Some froyo or soft serve shop owners go into business believing they will have the fortitude and physical stamina to run things on their own – without ever needing outside help. While this is a great notion, it’s not always possible. It’s safe to assume that all shop owners will need help at one point or another. When you hire passionate, skilled, and enthusiastic employees, you will feel comfortable leaving your shop under their care when you are unable to be there. Making it clear to your employees that there is a potential for growth within your company (e.g. the possibility of a promotion into a managerial position) is a great incentive for them to continuously work hard and exceed your expectations.


Frozen Yogurt Shops Across the United States Use Groupons to Showcase Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines and Frozen Beverage Equipment

Frozen Yogurt Shops Across the United States Use Groupons to Showcase Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines and Frozen Beverage Equipment

If you own a frozen yogurt shop, or if you own or manage a restaurant or convenience store that uses soft serve machines and frozen beverage equipment to dispense frozen treats, here is an exercise for you:

1. Open a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…)

2. Type in the words, “Frozen Yogurt Groupon”. 

How many results did your search generate?

A “Groupon” is a “deal-of-the-day recommendation service for consumers. Every 24 hours, Groupon broadcasts an electronic coupon for a restaurant or store in your city, recommending that local service while also offering you a 40% to 60% discount if you purchase that service.”

Groupon works as a “middle man,” earning a commission by promoting your frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop (or any other restaurant, service establishment, or retail outlet) by sending “Deal of the Day” e-mails to subscribers. These e-mails include promotions, coupons, or discounts on behalf of the establishments (“sellers”) that want deals promoted on their behalf.

When potential customers receive a deal-of-the-day e-mail from Groupon, they typically look at the e-mail and quickly determine whether  it contains something they want to purchase. In the case of frozen yogurt machines or a frozen beverage dispenser, it’s possible for a shop owner, restaurant, or convenience store to post a wide variety of different promotional offers via Groupon.

When we conducted an internet search using the  search terms “Frozen Yogurt Groupon”, we found that some of the most common Groupons offered by frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream shops around the United States included:

  • $15 for three $10 frozen yogurt vouchers
  • $5 for $10 worth of frozen yogurt
  • $4 for $8 worth of frozen yogurt
  • $20 worth of frozen yogurt for $10

Groupons normally have an expiration date. As a retailer, you can select terms and conditions for  the Groupon, such as “must be used within 90 days of purchase date.”

One of the greatest things about a Groupon is that word can spread about your frozen yogurt machines and frozen beverage equipment very quickly. If your frozen yogurt shop or restaurant utilizes social media, it’s possible to notify the general public about your Groupon offer by simply talking about it on Facebook or Twitter. If  the deal is too good to pass up, your Groupon will be promoted and forwarded by your fans and followers, requiring very little effort on your part.

At first glance, Groupon appears to be a dream come true for all food service establishments that want to showcase their soft serve ice cream machines or a new margarita machine. A groupon can increase sales and help make quick profits. However, it’s important to realize that a Groupon is not the only recommended method for generating new business.

Groupon is a great way to gain exposure for your frozen yogurt or frozen beverage business, but it does not necessarily address all advertising and marketing concerns. For example, customers have been known to purchase a Groupon for a frozen yogurt shop, but after using the Groupon, they may never return again. In other words, some people are “fair weather customers” – they only patronize a shop if there is a good Groupon available.

If you would like to explore the myriad of online coupon venues available to promote frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream, we urge you to check out Groupon – or other businesses like it, such as Deal Chicken, LivingSocial, or Amazon Local.


Carvel Soft Serve Ice Cream is an All-Time American Favorite

People often wonder about the true differences between regular ice cream and soft serve ice cream. Is soft serve really just melted ice cream? This is what many people automatically assume. But soft serve ice cream is not simply ice cream that has been allowed to sit outside of a freezer for an extended period of time until it melts into a runny consistency. Soft serve is actually a product that is lower in milk fat than regular ice cream – soft serve usually contains 3-6 percent milk fat as opposed to 10-18 percent milk fat in the regular hard variety. Also, soft serve is not produced at the same temperature as is hard ice cream. Another difference is that soft serve ice cream contains a considerable amount of air – which makes it taste creamier, smoother, and lighter than hard ice cream.

Soft serve ice cream is a much newer concept than regular hard ice cream. It’s only been sold in commercial settings since the late 1930s. It’s said that Tom Carvel, who was the original founder of Carvel ice cream, “invented” soft serve. The way the story goes, Mr. Carvel was driving his ice cream truck through Hartsdale, New York when he had to pull over because his truck had a flat tire. When the ice cream in his truck began to melt, he decided he had to quickly sell it to the people in the vicinity. His customers loved the ice cream – despite the fact that it was melting. It was at this point that Mr. Carvel came up with the idea for a soft serve ice cream business.

The very first Carvel store opened in 1936 – ironically in the same location where his original ice cream truck had a break-down, and sold a newly developed soft serve recipe. And the rest is history! Eventually, Carvel stores opened in many areas across the country. Today, Carvel is one of the most popular and well-known soft serve ice cream brands in the United States.

Anyone who lived within close proximity of a Carvel store in the 1980s surely remembers this unforgettably famous Carvel television commercial – “Carvel Cookie Puss Doll Commercial” from 1985!

Today, there are Carvel soft serve ice cream stores in Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.

There are theories as to how Carvel came up with the Cookie Puss name, but all explanations are currently considered “Carvel lore.” The Cookie Puss cake is described by Carvel as follows: “This frozen friend turns any party into a celebration, with layers of freshly made vanilla and chocolate ice cream separated by a layer of chocolate crunchies, all topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a sugar cone, with two chocolate chip cookies, white icing, milk fudge, and shredded coconut.”

Chances are that if you live in a state with a Carvel, you’ve tasted a Carvel Cookie Puss soft serve ice cream cake at one point or another during your lifetime. If you have, let us know if it was your all-time favorite Carvel treat! 

Customer Testimonial: Yolo Frozen Yogurt

“The staff is very professional and knowledgeable.  I purchased a couple of machines off of a shop that closed a couple of years back.  Machines have never given me any major problems.  The key is to smooth running machines is regular maintenance.  The wearable parts program is a great investment and it simplifies the maintenance process.  Chad and Kevin have been quick to answer any questions I may have.  Great products, prices and service.  I will continue to be a loyal wearable parts customer!”

Richard Padilla – Yolo Frozen Yogurt, Texas



Customer Testimonial: Cloud 9 Frozen Yogurt


We at Cloud9 Frozen Yogurt & Gourmet Coffee have purchased 6 Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt machines.

As with any purchase, there was a learning curve which Jeff and his staff expertly guided us through.  Prior to our opening, Jeff came to visit our store and conducted training for not only the owners but our entire staff.  This was an incredible learning experience and all of our staff were able to break down a machine, clean it and learn not only how to put it back together but also learn many trouble shooting tips so they are equipped to handle all aspects.

Any time we have questions, the service department is ready to help us.

The machines run very smoothly and we have little problems with this – I attribute this to well made machines, but most of all the pre-training we received and help along the way. We appreciate the excellent customer service we receive from Jeff & crew – they will go out of their way to help us and always check-up afterwards to make sure everything is still running smoothly.

Thank you Forte!

Carol Pooler

General Manager
Cloud9 Frozen Yogurt & Gourmet Coffee
Laramie, WY



Is the Ice Cream Man Now the “Frozen Yogurt Man?”

No matter how young or old you are, there’s a good chance you vividly remember the tune that an ice cream truck plays. Can you recall those hot summer days when you heard the sound of an ice cream truck in the distance? You’d hear it, get excited, and run inside your house and beg your mother or father for a dollar. Then you’d wait and wait for the ice cream truck to drive down your street.

Sometimes the truck did not make it to your block, and you and the rest of the kids who gathered with their money would be devastated! But when the truck did make it to you, the treat you purchased tasted really great. On those occasions, you felt very happy that you were lucky enough to purchase something from the ice cream man!

Fast Forward to 2014…
Nowadays, the frequency of ice cream trucks’ driving through neighborhoods has definitely declined. In fact, many of today’s kids have never experienced the thrill of hearing an ice cream truck’s tune in the distance or the pleasure of purchasing a cold treat from the ice cream man! But we are hoping to help change this trend, thanks to the resurgence of food trucks and the popularity of frozen yogurt.

Can a Frozen Yogurt Truck Replace the Old Fashioned Ice Cream Man?
According to the website culinaryschools.com, “Food trucks, or mobile venues that sell food, are a staple in America’s culinary landscape and have become increasingly trendy in recent years. Nearly three million food trucks troll our streets.” Also, “If you have got the culinary skills and business acumen, consider starting your own food truck business to take advantage of this growing phenomenon.”

An article published on the website www.mlive.com entitled, “Froyo on-the-go: West Michigan frozen yogurt shops branch out with mobile operation,” refers to two frozen yogurt shops that recently opened mobile frozen yogurt operations. According to the article, “The mobile units augment a mini boom in self-serve frozen yogurt shops around the area.”

A mobile frozen yogurt business is a great choice if you are thinking of breaking into the food truck business. First, frozen yogurt does require preparation, but it does not involve actual cooking. Second, frozen yogurt trucks are obviously mobile, so they can be re-positioned and moved depending on the time of year, a specific event, or the current weather. Or, they can be driven around neighborhoods in search of children hungry for a yummy treat!

If you are considering a venture into the increasingly popular food truck business and want to explore your mobile frozen yogurt options, contact us today. We will provide you with all the guidance you will need to get started.

Frozen Yogurt and Swimming Pools are the Perfect Combination

It’s mid-March, and you must know what that means! It means the warm spring and summer months are just around the corner. In areas of the United States where swimming pools are not open year round, Memorial Day usually marks opening day. Adults and kids of all ages swarm to swimming pools when the weather heats up. They spend countless days at the pool during their summer vacations. Essentially, a swimming pool is the place to be during the summer!

For people who do not have a pool in their neighborhood, the goal is usually to find a local public pool to frequent or to secure invitations to friends’ or relatives’ swimming pools as often as possible, especially when it’s unbearably hot outside. As long as the weather is hot, pools remain a top attraction – and they stay crowded until they either close for the season – usually around Labor Day – or when the weather begins to get cooler in the fall.

When children and adults spend hours and hours at swimming pools, they get hungry. Some swimming pools offer snack bars and others do not. If you or someone you know is in charge of a swimming pool’s concession stand, you might be interesting in knowing that the addition of a soft serve machine could prove to be an extremely lucrative investment!

Many swimming pools that sell treats to pool visitors have freezers in which the store pre-packaged ice cream choices. However, due to the extreme popularity of soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt that can be dispensed into a cup or cone on-demand, a soft serve machine might be the perfect addition to the snack bar at your swimming pool.

We are happy to help you select a soft serve machine that will fit within your pool’s concession area. Some of our smaller machines require just a few feet of space. All of our machines are easy to operate and maintain, and it’s simple to train summer employees how to use, re-fill, and keep soft serve machines clean and in good working order.

When swimming pool concession stands add soft serve machines, kids and adults come to the pool with extra money – in anticipation of  purchasing a cup or a cone at some point during their stay at the pool. This is just one reason a soft serve machine can essentially pay for itself in as little as one summer season.

If your swimming pool concession stand typically offers only high-calorie choices and pre-packaged ice cream, the addition of a soft serve machine will be exciting to pool-goers! Why not provide customers with what they want on a hot day… a cool, refreshing serving of frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream. With a soft serve machine’s ability to provide a treat that’s pool-goers want, you’re sure to make a nice profit.

Frozen Yogurt a Healthier Treat Option at Movie Theatres

Going to see a movie in a theatre any time soon? Chances are that if you’re going to spend money on a movie ticket, you’re also going to spend money on movie theatre snacks. Even movie-goers who arrive at the theatre after eating a large meal are often  hungry for movie theatre snacks. There’s something very satisfying about sitting in a movie theatre while at the same time enjoying a delicious treat.

Movie theatres are synonymous with snack foods such as buttery popcorn, candy, soda, and other unhealthy (but tasty) treats. After purchasing movie tickets, patrons are usually forced to walk directly by a theatre’s concession stand before entering the auditorium where the movie will be showing. It’s extremely difficult for many people to resist the delicious aroma of freshly popped popcorn and the sweet allure of neatly arranged boxes of candy. Not to mention the other choices that may exist… such as nachos with lots of cheese, hot pretzels, hot dogs, and soda. No matter how you slice it, all of these choices are high in calories and unhealthy.

There are several interesting articles published on the internet that describe just how unhealthy movie theatre snacks are. For example, WebMD describes movie theatre popcorn as follows:  “Movie theater popcorn contains anywhere from 400 to 1,200 calories, not to mention one to three days’ worth of  artery-clogging saturated fat and a whopping 1,500 milligrams of sodium.”

Now There Are Healthier Movie Theatre Snack Options!
Due to the fact that movie theatre patrons have started to demand healthier snack options, many theatres across the United States are now offering frozen yogurt and other lower-calorie and healthier choices.

The Café,” now found in some AMC theatre locations in the United States,  allows movie-goers to “purchase yogurt, coffee, smoothies and other treats you wouldn’t expect to find in  movie theatres. It’s all made fresh to order.” Offerings include Yogen Früz frozen yogurt, probiotic low-fat vanilla or chocolate frozen yogurt, scooped ice cream, and shakes.

But the frozen yogurt craze in movie theatres is not just limited to the United States. According to a press release distributed by Red Mango, the Dallas-based frozen yogurt chain expanded to Mexico in 2011 by signing an agreement with Cinemax – a leading movie theatre chain in Mexico with 184 theatres – to allow Cinemax to own and operate the Red Mango franchise throughout Mexico.

When frozen yogurt is not available inside a movie theatre, you can bet there is at least one frozen yogurt shop located in close proximity. Frozen yogurt is the perfect snack to combine with the movie-going experience. Because frozen yogurt is quickly becoming a top choice in movie theatres, chances are good that it will be available next time you make plans to see a great flick!

Has Frozen Yogurt Gone to the Dogs?

You read the headline of this article correctly. The answer is, “Yes!” the frozen yogurt industry has finally gone to the dogs by expanding to the canine market. As diehard frozen yogurt fans, we know exactly why this happened. The reason is that we know it’s difficult for any warm-blooded living being (human, dog, or just about any other mammal) to resist frozen yogurt treats. And if you’re a dog-lover (which is likely, because dog owners make up a large percentage of the world’s population), you might be interested in knowing 1) that you can purchase frozen yogurt treats for your four-legged-friends, and 2) if you are interested in breaking into the canine frozen yogurt industry as a business owner – there are plenty of opportunities.

Last summer in New York City’s Upper West Side,  new doggy frozen yogurt vending carts debuted in two local parks. The owner of the business,  called “Yappy Treats Cart,” gave dog owners the opportunity to purchase frozen yogurt for their furry pals. The treats were packaged in easy-to-lick containers that were just the right size for dogs. Flavors available included tuna-carrot and peanut butter-banana-carob. To date, the company, which is based in NYC, doesn’t have a store front, but sells its line of “DOGFROYO” treats through traveling vending carts, retail stores, and at special events.

It Doesn’t Stop With Doggie Frozen Yogurt Carts!
We believe the launch of frozen yogurt vending carts that visit parks and are filled with treats made specifically for dogs  is a fantastic development. But recently, many types of frozen yogurt businesses opening around the world are catering specifically to man’s best friend (e.g. the dog). For example, “Yoghund” produces frozen yogurt treats for dogs that are natural, nutritional, and digestive-friendly. Yoghund is made with real yogurt, which not only assists humans’ digestive systems, immune systems, and nutrient absorption, but also helps  dogs’ digestive systems in the same way.

As of today, more than 2,500 large grocery store chains, natural grocery stores, and pet retail establishments sell Yoghund. The two most popular flavors are peanut butter & banana, blueberry & vanilla, but other new flavors include peanut butter & papaya and apple cheddar.

Are You Thinking of New Business Opportunities in the Frozen Yogurt Industry that Cater to Dogs?
The mere thought of developing a new business that manufactures or sells frozen yogurt for dogs, cats, or any other type of pet is a very exciting prospect for many entrepreneurs. If you have an idea in mind, we wholeheartedly encourage you to move forward and pursue your business venture. According to an article published on Multibriefs.com, “Going forward, the pet industry is projected to grow 4 %t annually through 2018. In the next five years, pet operations are projected to maintain strong growth.”

If you’ve started a new frozen yogurt business that caters to dogs (or other types of pets), let us know by posting a comment below! Let us know how you’re doing!


Benefits of Adding a Soft Serve Machine to Your Buffet-Style Restaurant

Have you ever been to an “all you can eat” or buffet-style restaurant that offers self-serve soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt? Or, do you own or operate this type of eating establishment? Every time I visit this type of restaurant, I am amazed at the long line of people at the soft serve machine. And it’s not just kids waiting in line for their chance to dispense their own soft serve ice cream. It’s people of all ages. It entertains me to watch them because I can always sense the enjoyment they get out of trying to create the perfect swirl of soft serve into their cone, their dish, or on top of a brownie they selected from the other dessert choices.

Let’s face it. People love soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt. And when this dessert is offered as part of an “all you can eat” meal, customers can’t get enough of it! I’ve personally witnessed restaurant patrons in “all you can eat” settings go back for two or more servings of soft serve ice cream. I believe that the inclusion of a soft serve machine in this type of setting is enjoyable for restaurant patrons, but it also makes the eating experience a lot of  fun. And when a restaurant runs out of cones or the machine becomes empty, people end up very disappointed.

If you own or operate a buffet-style restaurant and do not offer soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt, now is the time to seriously consider adding one or more soft serve machines. The popularity of self-serve soft serve has never been greater than it is today. And people will likely choose your restaurant over others if they know yours offers this type of dessert.

Anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry for a significant period of time knows how important dessert is to customers. Soft serve machines add a huge benefit to buffet-style restaurants because they are reasonably priced to either purchase or lease. Also, the ingredients necessary to produce soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt are economical. The cost to produce a serving of soft serve for every customer that comes through the door is minimal when compared to the cost of elaborate baked goods. And the truth is that customers often prefer soft serve to baked goods because it is usually lower in fat and calories.

There are many soft serve machine choices for buffet-style restaurants. These include countertop models, free-standing models, and everything in between. In other words, there is a soft serve machine that will fit into just about any space or situation. The addition of a soft serve machine allows buffet restaurants to offer an always popular dessert option.  Also, the flavors of the soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt can be changed easily and frequently. With a soft serve machine, you simply cannot go wrong!

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