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What is the International Frozen Yogurt Association – and How Does it Benefit the Industry?

The International Frozen Yogurt Association (“IFYA”) is an organization that was established in 2013 for two reasons. The first reason was to develop an association that offers ongoing and consistent support to all players in the frozen yogurt industry by providing encouragement, advice, and information to anyone needing and/or wanting it. The second reason was to create an organization that would develop a sense of community among businesses involved in the frozen yogurt industry across the world. The International Frozen Yogurt Association acts as an independent voice and is proud to be associated with members of the frozen yogurt industry from all countries.

The IFYA’s Mission:

“The International Frozen Yogurt Association is dedicated to promoting the quality and success of the worldwide frozen yogurt industry.”

How Does the International Frozen Yogurt Association Support the Industry?
Besides distributing and promoting information and resources to the industry, the IFYA also does the following:

  • Provides unbiased guidance to individuals and businesses interested in breaking into the frozen yogurt industry
  • Strives to encourage frozen yogurt stores to maintain high quality standards
  • Works to establish loyalty between frozen yogurt shops and their customers
  • Encourages the public to enjoy and appreciate frozen yogurt as often as possible
  • Develops a sense of community among frozen yogurt shop owners and others in the industry no matter where they are located in the world

Sponsorships and Advertising
The IFYA would not be possible without donations from members of the frozen yogurt industry – those that either sell frozen yogurt in a shop or sell products and/or supplies related to the frozen yogurt industry. Forte Supply is proud to be the founding benefactor of the IFYA! It is Forte Supply’s mission to encourage the success of the frozen yogurt industry. Our company believes there is no better way to do it than to support the development of this important and meaningful organization. Another sponsor of the IFYA is Magical Flavors – Yogurt Distribution, a company devoted to the promotion of top-notch frozen yogurt flavors with consistently high impact flavors.

The International Frozen Yogurt Association’s website contains an up-to-date and thorough News section devoted to publishing articles related to industry happenings. To stay current on what’s happening in the frozen yogurt industry, check this section often.

International Frozen Yogurt Association’s Swirl of Honor Program – Learn How to be Recognized for Excellence in Frozen Yogurt
The IFYA recently launched an “IFYA Swirl of HonorTM Program,” which recognizes frozen yogurt stores that meet the demanding and specific industry standards. In order to be considered for the program, stores must apply for it through the IFYA website. The program is currently offered in more than 24 countries! If you believe your frozen yogurt store is top-of-the-line, you may receive a rating with up to 3 swirls!

What’s Involved In Cleaning Frozen Yogurt and Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines?

When you operate a frozen yogurt franchise or soft serve ice cream shop, you’re going to be responsible for either buying or renting the machines that both create and dispense the frozen treats. Frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream machines are nifty apparatuses. To the customer, they look like rectangular metal boxes that magically dole out frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream when a lever is rotated. But in reality, the machines are intricate pieces of equipment that convert liquid mixes into the cold and delicious substances we like to call frozen yogurt and/or soft serve ice cream. It’s just like magic… put in a few ingredients and voila!… out comes a frozen dessert!

Keep Commercial Ice Cream Machines Clean!
Frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream machines must be kept clean in order to function properly.  They must also be kept clean because that is what the health department requires. Every frozen yogurt and/or soft serve ice cream shop in the United States is monitored by a city or county health department. And as a shop owner, you must abide by the rules and regulations of the city or county in which your shop is situated. By and large, many health departments require that soft serve machines be thoroughly cleaned approximately once per week. However, it’s important to verify this frequency with your local health department.

Unless instructed otherwise, we at Forte Supply usually recommend that frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream machines be cleaned every five to seven days because it typically takes more than a week for yogurt cultures that are kept under 42 degrees in the mixing hopper and the freezing cylinder to grow new bacteria.

Daily Cleaning of Ice Cream Machines?
Some frozen yogurt franchise mangers and soft serve machine owners that purchase equipment from Forte Supply initially think that a thorough and detailed  cleaning on a daily basis is necessary for their soft serve machines, because that’s the only way to ensure sanitary conditions in their shops. However, we believe that a methodical daily cleaning is not only extremely time consuming but also that also costs money and is not essential.

You should absolutely wipe down the exterior of your frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream machinery on a daily basis – or even several times a day. You should also make sure the soft serve machines are kept covered to prevent dirt particles, dust, and other miscellaneous items from falling into them. Additionally, it is extremely important to make sure your machines are consistently kept at the correct temperature – – 42 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. However,  it is perfectly acceptable and sanitary to keep the extensive cleaning of the interior of your machines on every five- to- seven- day schedule. When you do clean the interior of your frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream machines, make sure to use the correct type of cleaning solutions.

If you have any questions about how to clean your equipment, please don’t hesitate to call Forte Supply for advice and guidance.

We can be reached at (888) 610-5520.

New Years Resolutions and Healthy Frozen Yogurt Toppings

We’re only a few weeks away from January 1, 2014. You know what that means, right? It means millions of people around the world will be making New Year’s Resolutions. Exactly how many of those people will make resolutions to lose weight in 2014? A LOT. According to a website called StatisticBrain.com, the Journal of Clinical Psychology ranks losing weight as the most popular resolution made by Americans in 2012.

How does this relate to frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream? Well, most people are already aware that frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream are much healthier dessert options than many other choices – especially traditional ice cream. So, as the owner of a shop that serves a healthier product, you have a unique opportunity in early January to tout your  offerings.

Historically, sales of frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream reach their peak in the warm summer months. It’s more difficult to reach the same sales volume during the winter for obvious reasons. When it’s cold outside, fewer people crave cold treats! But there’s no reason why you can’t lure a higher number of customers into your shop by publicizing the healthy and low-calorie choices you have available. Even people who make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight have cravings for something delicious.

Now that it’s December, it’s time to publicize your healthy frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream topping ideas! Get the word out as soon as possible. Put healthy dessert ideas in your customers’ minds BEFORE January 1, 2014 — before resolutions to lose weight are made. If you successfully provide your customers with ideas on how they can still enjoy a tasty treat — without jeopardizing their New Year’s resolution to lose weight — you are sure to increase your sales volume in January.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Offer fresh fruit toppings that are not covered in syrup. Of course the syrup is delicious – but it’s high in calories.
  • Provide your customers with the option of drizzling honey on their frozen yogurt instead of chocolate or caramel.
  • Remind your shop’s visitors that frozen yogurt without any toppings at all is the healthiest and lowest-calorie way to indulge!
  • Offer a smaller cup option to people who walk into your shop and tell a worker that they made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight.
  • Tell customers to add healthy toppings to their cups first and yogurt second. This usually results in a larger amount fresh fruit on the bottom, and a smaller amount of yogurt on top – instead of the other way around.

There are lots of healthy frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream topping ideas out there. Do you have any? Please send them to us! We will share them with our readers. If we work together, we will not only help encourage the sale of frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream during the cold winter months, but we will also help people around the world keep their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight in 2014!

Plan for These Expenses When Opening Your FroYo or Soft Serve Ice Cream Store

Are you thinking of opening a frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream store at some point in the near or distant future? If so, Forte Supply wants your experience to be as successful as possible! A key to success when it comes to opening any type of business is anticipating expenses so you can plan accordingly. The last thing you want is to put your time and money into opening a frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop only to be surprised by expenses that you did not expect. If you are working on a tight start-up budget, and if significant unexpected expenses arises, you might find yourself in a financial bind. Therefore, make sure to consider the following before executing your plan to open a store.

Do Your Research
As you begin the process of deciding where to open your new shop, make sure to consider whether a stand-alone building, a storefront in a strip mall, a kiosk in a mall, etc… is the best option for you. Your location decision should be based on your business plan and your target market. Do you want to focus on sales to high school students? If so, your location should be near a school. Do you want to target families? If so, you might want your frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop to be located in a mall. The importance of a good location is essential. If you choose the wrong location and you have to move your shop in order to survive, you will ultimately end up spending a significant amount of extra money – something that could have been averted by choosing a good location from the get-go.

Plan for Permit and Licensing Fees
Every state, city, and/or county has permit and license requirements for businesses. Make sure you budget for all associated fees.

Determine How Many Frozen Yogurt and/or Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines You Will Need
Most self-serve frozen yogurt and/or soft serve ice cream shops have more than one machine. In fact, it’s normal for frozen yogurt stores to have up to eight machines. Having enough machines is essential for two reasons. First, more machines allows customers to have a good variety of flavor choices. Second, ample machines allow for good traffic flow. A line of customers impatiently waiting for others who are taking their time tasting samples and choosing flavors is not ideal. You want to make sure customers have access to your frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream within a few minutes of entering your store.

Evaluate all Machine Types Before Buying
There are many different frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream machine options. From single serve to triple serve there are many choices. It’s important to select the right ones. This will prevent you from ordering and installing machines that do not actually meet your needs and then having to purchase different ones a few months later.

Forte Supply is here to help you order and purchase the best possible frozen yogurt and/or soft serve ice cream machines for your specific set-up. Call us today for free advice!

Planning Tips for Opening a Frozen Yogurt or Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop

We certainly hope you are considering opening a frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop in the near future! These industries have seen tremendous growth over the past several years, and there are a multitude of indicators that there is plenty of room for new shops to participate in this extraordinary success.

But no matter how many people around the world love to eat frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream, there are certain facts that new business owners should know prior to opening their shop doors. The reality is that your business will have a greater chance of success if you adhere to certain tips of the trade.

We’ve been in the industry long enough to have gained significant knowledge on what works and what doesn’t in new frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream shops. But we have absolutely no motivation to keep our expertise to ourselves! As a leading supplier of frozen yogurt and soft serve machines, it is in our best interest that your shop be successful. In fact, we want your business to be so profitable that you’ll want to open another one (or more!).

Here is a list of key planning tips for you to consider before opening your shop:

Make sure you offer great flavors from the get-go. As you prepare to open your shop, people in the neighborhood will start talking about it. They’ll say to their neighbors, “Did you see that a new yogurt shop is opening down the street?” Everyone will get very excited as your grand opening day approaches. The day you open for business, you are going to want to “wow” your customers with the tastiest frozen yogurt or soft serve flavor options possible. If the customers you serve on the first week you open are impressed with what your shop offers, they will talk to their neighbors and spread the word about your greatness. As a result, your store will see an increase in sales that have been generated strictly by word of mouth advertising. On the other hand, if your flavor choices are not great… believe me, the neighbors will know about it within a short period of time.

Choose a visible location for your shop. Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. If you were driving down the street looking for a place to eat frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream, would you be more apt to stop at a store you can see from your car or one that is located on the back side of a strip mall that is only accessible by making a u-turn and driving down a dark alley? Selecting a store location with easy access and high visibility should be one of your top priorities.

Make the inside of your store welcoming and fun. When your customers decide they want a frozen treat, and they make an effort to travel all the way to your store (even if it’s just down the street), they want to be greeted by a nice atmosphere. If your store is dirty, that will leave a bad impression. Eating frozen yogurt and/or soft serve ice cream is meant to be a fun and entertaining experience… so make sure to decorate and furnish the interior of your shop with these facts in mind.

We have lots of other advice we’d like to share with you, and we will continue to add tidbits in our future blog posts. So make sure you check back often to learn more. In the meantime, do you have any great ideas that you want to share with other potential frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream shop owners? If so, please leave your suggestions in our comments section!

Positive News For the Frozen Yogurt Industry

Over the past five years, the frozen yogurt industry has grown very quickly. This upward trend is expected to continue, according to a market research report recently published by IBISWorld.

As indicated in the report, the reason for the yogurt industry’s recent tremendous success is partly due to consumers’ becoming more health conscious, but it is also due to the new, more tart frozen yogurt flavors being offered in stores across the United States. Market research has shown that many people prefer frozen treats with tart flavors rather than those that are sweet and sugary.

This preference has helped propel the frozen yogurt industry over the past five years.

In IBISWorld’s report, the following financial statistics were published:

• Revenue across the frozen yogurt industry climbed at an average annual rate of 21% from 2008 to 2012.
• In 2013, annual industry revenue is expected to advance another 22.6%, to $1.5 billion.

In addition to the points mentioned above, there are many other explanations for the continued success of frozen yogurt stores. The steadily increasing trend towards healthier eating habits has made frozen yogurt one of the most popular alternatives to ice cream – which is markedly higher in fat and calories. Also, frozen yogurt patrons are partial to self-serve frozen yogurt machines – because such machines allow them to choose the amount as well as the flavor(s) they wish to consume.

While it may not be realistic to expect the frozen yogurt industry to sustain revenue gains consistently at the 20% level for years on end, IBISWorld does project that health concerns and consumption patterns will cause the frozen yogurt industry to grow at a significant pace at least through the year 2018. All current and potential players in the frozen yogurt industry should find the facts and statistics published in the IBISWorld report very encouraging. It is our goal at Forte Supply to provide frozen yogurt shop owners with the most cost-effective and reliable frozen yogurt equipment available on the market today. Dependable machines are a key factor in the success of any frozen yogurt store – no matter how “hot” the industry.

If you are contemplating entrance into the frozen yogurt industry, don’t miss the opportunity to jump on board while the market is up! But make sure you don’t cut corners where it matters. In other words, do your homework and make sure your frozen yogurt shop is equipped with the best possible frozen yogurt machinery that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Forte Supply is here to help.

If you have any questions about frozen yogurt machines or how to get started in the frozen yogurt industry, do not hesitate to contact us!

Tips on How to Boost Frozen Yogurt Sales During the Winter

Is the Weather Getting Colder In Your Neck of the Woods?

Not all areas of the world experience drastic seasonal weather changes, but there’s no denying that there are distinct differences between spring, summer, fall, and winter when it comes to frozen yogurt sales. Summer is traditionally the busiest time of year for shops selling cold treats such as frozen yogurt and ice cream. Not surprisingly, winter is usually the slowest. But this year there is no reason your shop has to experience slower frozen yogurt sales when the weather gets cold.

Here are some ideas and tips on how to boost business in your frozen yogurt store as we start to experience cooler weather and head into the holiday season:

Offer hot treats: Many frozen yogurt stores offer high-end and/or gourmet hot chocolate drinks during the colder months. If you set up a hot drink bar and make the beverages decadent, delicious, and appealing, your store will draw customers who crave a special treat but are not necessarily interested in something frozen on a cold day. You might also consider adding a topping selection for your hot chocolate offerings – such as specialty marshmallows, syrups, sprinkles, and different types of whipped cream.

Cookies, Cake, and other Warm Baked Goodies: Nothing’s better than warm, fresh, baked goodies on a cold day. A new trend during the cold months is for frozen yogurt shops is to offer warm cookies, cake, or other baked treats with dollop of frozen yogurt on top! Those customers who prefer to forego cold frozen yogurt with their treat should have the option, but customers who can’t resist adding a bit of FroYo to their warm cookies should have the ability to add the flavor(s) they enjoy the most!

Add Holiday Flavors to your Frozen Yogurt Flavor Selection: There is nothing more popular than pumpkin and traditional Thanksgiving spice flavors during the month of November and peppermint and egg nog flavors during December. These as well as other traditional flavors sell very well during the holiday season. In fact, customers have been known to drive through sleet and snow just to get a cup of their favorite holiday frozen yogurt flavor!

Offer Your Store as a Donation Station: When the holiday season rolls around each year, many people get into the giving spirit. They often want to donate gifts and other items to organizations that distribute such goods to people in need. It’s easy to partner with local and national non-profits that want to place their collection bins in retail and/or food stores. If you let your community know you are running a promotion – – such as 2 or 3 free ounces of frozen yogurt in exchange for their donation – – you are sure to drum up lots of business. Not only will your store see increased sales, but you will also be participating in something that directly benefits your community.

Have any other ideas on how to get people into frozen yogurt shops during the cold winter months? We’d like to hear from you! Our goal is to create scenarios in which customers cannot resist visiting their favorite frozen yogurt stores year-round… not just during the hottest months of the year. In other words, let’s work together to sustain the excellent sales momentum that frozen yogurt stores around the globe typically experience each the summer.

Send us your ideas in the comments section!

Cloud 9 Frozen Yogurt Celebrates Grand Opening

CONGRATULATIONS to our customers at Cloud 9 Frozen Yogurt in Laramie Wyoming on their GRAND OPENING!

The team at Forte Supply couldn’t be more exited for our customers at Cloud 9 on the great local press they received!

To read more, click HERE

Cloud 9 Frozen Yogurt features our Forte SS100 commercial grade frozen yogurt machines, with two separate soft serve flavors or a combination of both in a delicious twist. Cloud 9 also offers delightful toppings, including organic, vegan and gluten free items.

They are located at: 3236 Grand Ave Suite A, Laramie, Wyoming 82070.

To see additional photos of their awesome frozen yogurt store, visit Cloud 9’s Facebook Page HERE

If you are interested in opening your own frozen yogurt store, contact us today at (888) 610-5520. You can rely on our expert guidance from start to finish.

Customer Testimonial: Yogo Waffle in Beacon, NY

Knowing that we make a difference in our customers lives, is so rewarding!

Here is the wonderful letter we received:

Gerald (Honey Hill) and Ben (Forte Supply),

I’m writing you both to share my experience with both your products. My wife Venus and I opened a new Frozen Yogurt store 2 weeks ago “Yogo Waffle” in Beacon NY and it’s been a great start considering a late season start.

When I started doing research on what kind of yogurt I should use, the first popular name I knew of was Yo Cream but while researching affordable machines, I found Forte. Forte has an article I was reading where they mention Honey Hill being one of the best, I then turned to look at that yogurt company and was pleased with the whole concept and company background.

When I contacted HH requesting a place where I can try their yogurt, they send me to a place in NYC where I tried it and was pleased, so I went with HH and signed an exclusive. Now here’s the part that I’m amazed in…… After I opened and tried the product from our machines, I was pleased again but it seemed to taste better than when I tried it in NYC, I thought it was just me. As customers tried the product and complemented me on how good it was, I was happy but where I was most impressed was when well experienced froyo customers which have tasted every major company around and saying to me that they cannot believe how good this yogurt is, I started to scratch my head.

I am having people telling me that they are coming here over any other frozen yogurt place, THAT is a major compliment. They are coming from miles away because they heard how good it is, these people have frozen yogurt places near them but they choose to come here. I asked my self, I know I got a good product but they sell HH elsewhere, could it be that the machines are new? Could it be that I care for the machines? I think that maybe the combination of the product in this machine might be the reason but I don’t know, I’m not an expert on this stuff and that’s why I wanted to share this with both of you.

If your ever in the area and want to stop by and try it, please let me know, maybe you will taste the difference.

I thank you both and we’re so lucky we picked both your products to start our new business.

Thanks again!
Alex Bernardi

GUEST BLOG:The Easiest Frozen Yogurt Dessert EVER!

This week the team at Forte Supply wanted to feature a guest blog to get a fresh, new perspective on out of the box ideas to enjoy frozen yogurt. Yogurt is known to be a good source of calcium and helps maintain a healthy immune and digestive system with probiotics.  It is no secret that frozen yogurt is a treat for the health conscious so we figured, who better to ask than Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential.


The Easiest Fro-Yo Dessert EVER!

Today I’m sharing my favorite skinny treat! And I promise this delicious, low calorie fro-yo dessert won’t disappoint! And get excited because it’s SO easy! Fro-yo is great alternative to ice cream because it’s lower calories,sugar, & in fat. Some other creative ways to eat fro-yo: freeze it ice cube cube holders, dip strawberries in vanilla fro-yo, &/or add it to reduced fat pie crust.

 Check out my favorite way to use fro yo: 

Fro Yo Pie

*1 pre-made reduced fat pie crust

*1 pint of any kind of fro yo  [ check your local frozen yogurt shop for seasonal flavors ]

*1 small bag of chopped pecans

*1 handful of raspberries

Directions: Take fro yo & pour into pre-made pie crust. Even it out. Sprinkle chopped pecans & raspberries over the top. Freeze the dessert for about an hour. Serve!




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